LHR is well equipped in terms of staff. Board members are experienced lawyers known in promoting and defending human rights in Ethiopia. The Board Chair is a renowned female human rights expert and academician with a mandate in the UN human rights system, chair of the Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls.

The Executive Director, Mr. Ameha Mekonnen, has been a leading practicing human right lawyer who stood firm for the rights of many including prominent opposition political figures, journalists, and bloggers and human rights defenders jailed for their dissent. In this period of political reform, Mr. Ameha continued to contribute vigorously providing leadership to prominent independent human right organizations, like the Ethiopian Human Rights Council and participated in the law reform process by coordination the working group charged with the task of revising the repealed Anti-terrorism proclamation and replacing it with a new one.  Also Mr. Ameha is well recognized speaking his mind publicly through different media outlets and dialogue forums about democracy, human rights and rule of law.

The program coordinator has experiences in the academics, research in the Council of Constitutional Inquiry and Office of the Prime Minister. He has also practiced law for more than a year and worked in several cases involving violation of human rights. The Finance Head has an extensive experience in general financial management and grant management in particular.